J.L. Ilsley High

Out of Area Process during school closure due to Covid-19

The Out of Area process will begin April 14 at 8:00am and close April 27 at 4pm.  Parents/guardians will be able to submit Out of Areas through the HRCE website.  Parents/guardians without access to technology may call a Parent Navigator to assist with completing the online application:

- Tressa Moore, 902-430-3621 or mooret@hrce.ca
- Stephen Somers, 902-219-0587 or ssomers@hrce.ca

The Out of Area process applies only to students in grades Primary to 12.  Online requests will be delivered automatically to schools and will include a submission date and time stamp.  Parents/ guardians will not be required to complete an Out of Area form signed by Home School principal during the closure period.