J.L. Ilsley High

January 18th, 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021

• Would the following students please come down to the main office:
Taylor O’Hearn
Justin Oakley
Taylore Poole
Hayden Raymond
Rachel Sampson-Horton
Allison Sanford-Tilley
Minseo Sung
Grey Vess
David Wells
Mary White
Aalyiah Wolfe
Liam Dorey

• If you are a current grade 10 student who is not in the TAP program and has missed course registration for next year please make contact with your counsellor over the next week to select your classes.

• Student ID cards are available in the main office for pick up

• If you have an exam conflict please see or email Ms. Nickerson ASAP.

• Library News: The library will be closed today at lunch due to renovations.